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My name is Nancy Makar and I'm a licensed Pharmacist and a Freelance Web Designer residing in Ontario, Canada. My great passion for design & creativity made me decide to pursue my professional career in Web Design through McMaster University, where I've learned the principles and best practices of web design. Additionally, I've gained many skills in collaboration, team work, project planning, management and execution.


As a dedicated & enthusiastic Web Designer, I’m specialized in designing and building professional, unique, accessible, functional, dynamic & data driven websites using web design best practices. I work collaboratively with my clients and provide them with creative solutions to strengthen their online presence.

Web Development

I'm experienced in HTML5 – CSS3 – JavaScript – JQuery – Typography – PHP – SQL & MYSQL – Database Design – Responsive Web Design – SEO ( Search Engine Optimization. )
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Content Writing

I'm specialized in writing professional & engaging website content that attracts potential visitors and achieves high SEO ranking.


Photography is my all time hobby, I enjoy taking and editing photographs using my Nikon D5100, this with no doubt adds to my skills as a Designer. I use Photoshop for image editing and optimization for web.
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Wireframes | Mockups


Responsive Web Design


Search Engine Optimization





During my studies at McMaster CCE, I have created many websites for clients. Check out a few below. Click on the link icon beside the site name or simply click "Visit site" to view the site live. I have also included a summary with each site that explains the frameworks and libraries I've used in creating the sites.

bob summers landscaping

Bob Summers Landscaping  

Bob Summers Website is a responsive site for a Landscaping company created using Bootstrap 3 framework, it features an image gallery, an embeded audio & video, an image carousel, back-to-top button, testimonials, social media icons, animation and transition effects

This project was all created by myself. My role was Web Designer & Developer, Usability tester and Accessibility checker

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe Realtor  

Jane Doe Website is a jQuery UI themed professional-looking four-page website for a Real Estate agent. It includes several jQuery UI widgets ( buttons, tabs, Dialog box, range slider , date picker & select menu ) and effects ( animation, switch class, hide/show ) as well as documented interactions using pseudo-code and a readme.txt file

My role in this project was Principle Web Designer & Developer, Usability and Accessibility tester.

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angela orasch

Angela Orasch  

Angela Orasch website is a group project for a PhD Candidate in Political Science. It utilizes emerging web design trends (Split screen & Parallax effect) and best practices of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery plugins and jQuery UI (theme, widgets and effects) Bootstrap 4 framework, and responsive design. It also features a live twitter feed
Team collaboration and communication skills are integral components of the project and helps to develop a functional, responsive and accessible website that includes advanced web design skills and follows progressive enhancement principle.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer (Home & Research pages)

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bob summers landscaping

Penny Juice Website Redesign  

Penny Juice Website redesign is a group project. The objective of the Penny Juice website redesign was to present a more professional company image, improve the online ordering process and increase site traffic, as well as improving website readability & accessibility. Here is a link to the original Penny Juice website.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer, Usability and Accessibility tester

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Dice Roll

Dice Roll  

Dice Roll is an application created using JavaScript that mimics the result of tossing a pair of conventional dice.

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el-fishawy club

El-Fishawy Club  

El-Fishawy Club website is a WordPress project for a Middle Eastern Cafe in Mississauga. It features a Parallax effect, facebook widget, music audio, a blog & an interactive image gallery. The site is mobile-friendly & SEO optimized.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer

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t-xpress general contractors

T-Xpress General Contractors  

T-Xpress General Contractors website is a one-page project for a construction company that I created using Material Design for Bootstrap. It is fully responsive & SEO optimized.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer

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Virgin Mary & St.Mina Coptic Orthodox Church in Saskatoon

Virgin Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church  

Virgin Mary & St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church website is a Custom project for a Non-Profilt Church Organization in Saskatoon, SK that I created using Bootstrap 4, and Google Material Design effects. It is fully responsive & SEO optimized to rank higher in search engine results.

This site features an integrated Google Calendar for Church activities & events, responsive embedded Plugin for the Church Facebook Page and Twitter feeds to help users easily find out about Church News. Also I have embeded a responsive YouTube Channel Playlist via iFrame API to help users watch Videos posted by the Church without having to leave the site.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer, Content writer, Image optimizer, Social Media Account Creator, Editor & Accessibility Checker.

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Guess my age

Guess my Age  

Guess my Age is an application I've created using JavaScript that prompts users for information to calculate their age then concatenate the data and write it to the screen.

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Toronto Polie Intranet site

Toronto Police Service - Analytics & Innovation Intranet  

Analytics & Innovation site is a group project. The purpose of the project was to design a robust, data-driven intranet for the Toronto Police Service (TPS) employees at Analytics & Innovation Department. The site features a promotional interactive Video embedded on the first slide of a carousel, streamlined navigation, a call-to-action button that launches a modal window with scrollable content displaying a list of links to other content located on the intranet site. The site also features modal windows with iFrames connecting to datasets on external websites.
Unfortunately, as requested by TPS, the intranet site cannot be linked to my portfolio for security reasons.

My role in this project was Primary Web Developer(HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/SQL) & Designer.

Autumnwood Pharmacy

Autumnwood Pharmacy  

Autumnwood Pharmacy is a a website that highlights all the services Autumnwood pharmacy offers. The site makes it easy for patients to get in contact with the pharmacist or book appointments online for certain services, including Diabetes consultation, registeration in weight-loss program or medication review. This site is created using wordpress platform. The site is mobile-friendly & SEO optimized.

My role in this project was Web Designer & Developer

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I am also an Amateur Photographer. I enjoy taking all kinds of photos but mostly Landscape, Sports & Portraits. I'm familiar with Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and Manipulation. I always strive to improve my skills as I believe beautiful photos have the ability to preserve lifetime memories.
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