To the Profession

I shall not authorize, permit or aid in any act that constitutes a disregard for my Code of Ethics.

I shall act in keeping with the honour and integrity of the profession, as well as maintaining a reasonable standard of professionalism.

I shall never create work that disregards the health and safety of the community, or is blatantly discriminatory or offensive.

I shall continue to update my skills and knowledge about new web design trends, WCAG Accessibility Guidelines & coding techniques.

I shall never work on speculation or for the promise of future payments.

I shall never use work for the purpose of self-promotion without the knowledge and consent of clients.

To other Web Designers

I shall not accept instruction from the client which knowingly involves plagiarism, nor shall consciously act in a manner involving plagiarism.

I shall not knowingly accept any project upon which another designer has been acting without notifying the other designer.

I shall be fair in criticism and shall not denigrate the work nor reputation of other designers.

I shall work with competition honestly and professionally.

To the Clients

I shall always document all agreements with clients and keep accurate records of discussions.

I shall always work with contracts highlighting all project details for the mutual protection of myself and my clients, abide by said contracts, and never unreasonably withdraw services without previous notice.

I shall always act in the best interests of the client and the client’s business within the limits of professional duties.

I shall always protect the privacy and rights of my clients by refusing to disclose confidential information about a client’s business without their consent, unless and except where otherwise compelled by law to do so.

I shall strive for excellence in communication with every client and customer satisfaction so that every step of the project flows smoothly.

I shall provide clients with the relevant and sufficient information they need in order to make more informed decisions about their project whenever possible.

I shall never resell or repurpose finished works to other clients.

I shall strive for excellence in the quality of every project with the goal of improving the business of my clients no matter how small the project is.

I shall maintain fair, honest and forthright communications with clients, I shall set forth the services to be performed and define comprehensively the basis on which total remuneration is calculated.

I shall do my best to finish any project within the agreed time frame and budget, avoiding any hidden fees or costs.

I shall not promise to do work that I cannot, or do not know how to accomplish. If a task requires the assistance of a third party, I shall inform the client about any extra costs. If a third party is used, I shall still be responsible for ensuring that any work for my clients is done in a professional and workmanlike manner.